How To Clean Your Home Without Feeling Embarrassed

The housekeeping is a major item for me and our family because the home is also an office space. The working and living environments partner each other and in conclusion, my engagement is to ensure the comfort and productivity atmosphere at the same time. It is a challenge for the design decisions, but also for the cleanness maintaining.

If you have children, who love to make a mess and organize home adventures with a lot of stains, the daily cleaning tasks would be a hard-working effort.

I think that the struggle with the keeping house clean never ends, but it has positive consequences. We become more organized and motivated to do the best of which we are capable. When we reach the goal, Voila, the feeling is really great.

1 important thing: Positive attitude, cup a coffee or tea and fresh air

2. Start the cleaning process with the main living space at home

3. Choose the right tools for washing

4. Get the whole family involved

5 important thing: Convince the kids that the cleaning is like a game/a competition and give them awards for good results.

Welcome to the different cleaning life and enjoy every moment! 🙂